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Three-dimensional Picture Of Biophilia Tracker

Another technical achievement, which opens up new prospects and features in NLS-diagnostics, is a” three-dimensional picture” (3D).

Even a few years ago, 3D was considered as hardly applicable long-term aestheticism of professionals in NLS-diagnostics. Presently, it is an integral part of not only scientific studies, but practical diagnostics as well. There is a growing number of such terms as “surgery under control of three-dimensional NLS-visualization” or “3D virtual NLS-graphy”.

Preparation of NLS pictures for visual analysis is carried out by means of “4D TISSUE” original system developed by the Institute, that allows not only getting of virtual multidimensional pictures of anatomic and histological structures, but also marking with color interesting biologic tissue – “additional dimension” and visualizing bones, soft tissues and vessels simultaneously or in any desired succession.

The peculiarity of virtual data representation in “4D TISSUE” system is a simultaneous visualization of cavernous and extramural growth surfaces that are located out of investigated cavity (lymph nodes, vessels). The taken pictures form natural consecution of virtual NLS-pictures. At the same time, special navigation programs automatically define trajectory of “virtual scanner” movement in the center of investigated cavity. Trajectory can be defined by other settings stated by user which allows specification of NLS picture details by means of vision changing. Formed consecutions of NLS-pictures can be easily transformed into standard VHS format with the help of epi-client program and thus can be used with common video systems, for example for teleradiology.

First of all, “4D TISSUE” system is intended to reveal obstructive processes of the upper respiratory tracts, volumetric growths of gullet, stomach and large intestine, atherosclerotic lesions of large vessels, diseases of accessory sinuses of nose, urinary bladder and vertebral canal. Data acquired with “virtual NLS-graphy” allows choosing optimal place for biopsy in advance and determine the extent of surgical operation. This method can be used independently and as a connecting link between tomography, endoscopy and NLS researches.

Great future of such programs is unquestionable, because these technical achievements facilitate diagnostician’s job and allows to represent clearly anatomic characteristics and pathological changes in the examination of an organism.

It seems that creation of ultra high-speed “intellectual” Biophilia Tracker is one of the most important features of new 3D generation.
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